Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to Eat Trout Without Getting Any Bones!


My Dad, an original Colorado pioneer, taught me when I was a very small child how to eat a fresh trout, without getting any of those insidious little bones stuck in my mouth! 

You can eat one of those brookies, rainbow or browns like a chicken leg. 

After it is gutted, lightly salt the fish and roll it in yellow cornmeal. Fry it up in a little Crisco vegetable oil till it is nice and brown. You can add a little chopped onion or garlic in the oil, if you wish. You can cut off it’s head but I prefer to use the head as one of the handles, use the tail as the other handle. 
The tail is a crispy tasty treat after you’ve gleaned the tender meat off the bones.

After the fish is cooked, take all the fins off the trout, there are three sets of fins on the bottom of the fish and one set on top of the fish. Each of these sets of fins have itsy-bitsy bones that jut into the flesh of the fish, which are separate from its main skeleton. Make sure when you pull off all the fins that you take all the little bones with the fins.
Now, pick up the fish with two hands. One hand holds the head of the fish and the other one the tail.  Gingerly eat the flesh off the main skeleton of the fish. You won’t get any bones and the flesh  will be picked clean off the bone.

Let me know how you fared!