Friday, February 28, 2014

The Wardrobe Mistress Says, "Wear This" , "Not That"!

The Wardrobe Mistress says "Nothing says Mom or Grandma more than wearing a pair of tennis shoes every day!

"Instead replace the tennis or running shoes with an inexpensive pair of Nine West, nude flats, like the ones pictured below purchased at T.J. Max for $34.00 plus tax to elongate the legs and celebrate the every day."

Wear This:

Not That:

Truck Bed, A Visual Pun?

Isaiah 54:2

New International Version

"Enlarge the place of your tent,
stretch your tent curtains wide,
do not hold back; 
strengthen your stakes."


Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Caregiver Starts Her Day In Style by Guest Contributor: The Wardrobe Mistress

The Problem Defined:

Jeanie May finds herself in the unenviable position as caregiver to her ailing husband with home healthcare workers coming and going early in the morning several mornings a week. Jeanie May is up frequently during the night, as her husband requires. Jeanie May's twenty-eight year old grandson has come from out of state to help out. She is not comfortable in the mornings wearing her P.J.'s and robe with her grandson, especially without her bra. In addition, last minute unexpected demands by her husband on her time she finds is she not presentable by the time the home health workers ring her bell. Comfort, ease and eliminating any unnecessary steps in the morning are her primary priorities and this includes her desire not to wear a bra as her back tires easily with caring for her husband. Cost is also a concern. As an interior designer color, texture and design are important to her and she wants to look her best even under these trying circumstances. What is Jeanie May to do?

Answer by guest contributor, The Wardrobe Mistress:

The Wardrobe Mistress and Jeanie May went shopping while Grandson, Elias took care of Grandpa.

First stop, Rite-Aid Who knew Rite-Aid can fill both fashion and medicine prescriptions!

Knock-Off Tom's for $3.24!  The Knock-Off Tom's came in multiple muted colors. We found that prices varied from one Rite-Aid to another, some locations were priced just under $6.00. Also, from Rite-Aid, a sleeveless vest for $10.00. Purchased slightly larger than necessary which allows Jeanie May to go braless without causing distraction, which she did in the 1960's! Shirt, sweat pants and belt were all purchased at the local thrift store for under $10.00. Total cost for the complete outfit pictured below, less than $25.00 with tax! Jean also purchased a long pair of lounge pants plus a shorter pair along with the pair of capris, pictured. Jeanie May returned the following day and purchased another vest in a different color.  Jeanie May found wearing the Knock-Off Tom's with socks for the first couple of days broke them in easily.

Jeanie May is now ready to go when she pops out of bed in the morning, even if the night was a tough one. She can throw on her belt, vest and shoes and start her day. Running late when the the home health workers show up? No problem, apply lipstick and answer the door!

A big Thank-you to the Wardrobe Mistress!