Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Year in Review and Your Challenge for the New Year!

This past year, 2013 I tried at least two brand new activities each month that I have never done before-IN MY LIFE ! This is a tall order for somebody over a half-century old. Some activities were fun, but some were not, some items had to be done, chores of sorts but some items on my list were just plain fun.

I was inspired by a book, "the Second Half of Life" by Angeles Arrien.

An ancient European custom, still practiced in some parts of the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain, keeps soul loss at bay, the previous year I noticed my enthusiasm about life in general was ebbing. People there are encouraged to celebrate their birth date each month for a year by doing something they have not done before. This practice requires discipline, ingenuity, creativity, and motivated engagement.
I invite you to do the same this year! Enjoy!

January 2013

Rode the Greyhound bus to Glenwood Springs with our service dog, Dusty Boot--who incidentally had never ridden a Greyhound bus before, either. This activity was done with the express disapproval of multiple grown children.

Went to partner yoga with my husband. Be still my heart!

February 2013

Wrote two Special Needs Trusts and figured out how to get EIN numbers from the Federal Government.

Met two new new grandbabies: Bowen Joseph and Zachary Isaac. These two little ones were born five days apart to my oldest son and my youngest daughter, who are eleven years apart. What a miracle, and how blessed we were as grandparents to be able to be there for both births.

March 2013

Went to Wellington, Colorado. A small town in my native state that I had never visited.

Wrote three wills.

First time being kindergarten Mystery Reader for my grand-daughter, Emery

April 2013

Hosted our first guest with Airbnb.  We hosted a total now, of six times and all were memorable in a good way. We've hosted guests from as far away as Holland!  Airbnb, founded in August 2008 and headquartered in San Francisco. The company is an online service that provides a platform for individuals referred to as "host", generally private parties, to rent unoccupied living space and other short-term lodging to guests.

Learned about the "Little Free Library" movement and found the perfect small display cabinet ton Craigslist. Began the process to become an official "Little Free Library" and now we are on the map with our own "Little Free Library"!

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”


May 2013

Learned about flashing iphones and found two amazing college students that can repair almost any cell phone problem.

Back on my bike first time since breaking my wrist and elbow and surgery in a biking accident last year. To be honest, I never thought I would get back on a bike, again!

Celebrated my first 25th Wedding Anniversary!

June 2013

Went to Yoga on the Platt, sponsored by Root Down for the benefit of The Chanda Plan Foundation.
Beautiful, live music, Denver skyline wonderful people and setting.

Went to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, rode the Alpine Slide twice and the roller coaster once--which was more than enough and then toured the fairy caves! Amazing--went with Zachary my one of my new grandsons. And no, he didn't ride the roller coaster or the alpine slide! Felt like a kid again!

July 2013

Tried a "Black Betty" at Doug's Diner: A hamburger served with peanut butter, black berry jam, green chillies, on a ciabatta roll. Delicious!

Went to the Little Britches National Finals Rodeo with our oldest grandson, Brendan--My faith is renewed in the youngest generation!

August 2013

Made vegetarian lasanga with no cheese or meat. Made two batches and ended up with enough to feed an army.

Learned that you could call home from out of the country for free with a Google number!

September 2013

Went to the UK

First on a bike trip, and first bike trip in a foreign country.

Made bagels

Tried bacon Jam


Used the hold mail service and had it delivered when returned home--worked like it was supposed to!

October 2013

Made a photograph album of our anniversary trip online and ordered a hard copy. It turned out fabulous!

Learned about Social Security and when and how to apply by going to an educational class at the library. Do I look as old as everyone else, here?

November 2013

Attended and did a Barre Class.

Went out for Thanksgiving to Mimi's Cafe, delicious!

December 2013

Went to the Nutcracker Ballet with my daughter-in-law, grand-daughter, her sister and daughter, my daughter-in law's mother, and her sister's mother-in-law. Did you understand all this, if so I am my own Grandpa! Never realized what a beautiful tradition and performances I had been missing at Christmastime!

Attended the Global Bed Bug Conference for our K-9 Pest Detection Business held in Denver at the Sheraton--well worth the time and money.

Attended my first American Citizen Ceremony hosted by the US Immigration Department watching my husband became a US citizen! God Bless America!

This exercise is designed to keep us fluid and flexible. Connect with activities that give life and are meaningful. Celebrate your life---do a new activity each month for a year!

Let me know how you do!