Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hi-Ho-It’s Off To Work I Go

“One Bible per family.” I told the principal as he handed me a hardboiled egg in exchange for a stack of Bibles.  High in the Cordilleras, the Peruvian Alps,   glaciered peaks and rugged, remote territory surrounded me.  The school in this tiny village was the first stop in a five day trek to distribute the newly translated New Testaments.  Outside the school building, I began to peel the egg, dropping the shell on the ground.  A small boy ran up and began to gather the tiny pieces of eggshell.  The principal, seeing my embarrassment explained that every day, each child in the community receives a glass of milk and some oatmeal from the government, a slice of bread from a non-profit and a hardboiled egg from the telephone company.  He continued, “Here at school we compost and teach the children stewardship: how to care and feed the soil.”  The boy’s example caused me to examine my life, with an attitude of gratitude. Did my life exhibit the same simple, immediate obedience to my heavenly Father? Did I hurry to obey His voice?

PRAYER:   Lord, when you say, “Go and work in the vineyard today.”, let my response be, “Yes, Lord.” Followed by simple immediate obedience; through Christ Jesus. Amen.
                                                      S.M. Merchant—Lakewood, CO

THOUGHT FOR TODAY:  “But be doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves.” James 1:22            

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