Monday, May 12, 2014

MOPS Spring Tea in the Vail Valley

Wow, it seems like yesterday I was taking my toddler to MOPS but today it's my daughter's turn with her first born son, and my grandson, Zachary. I wanted to go to the MOPS tea after my daughter invited me, but it meant a two hour drive over two mountain passes one way. I thought about how badly I wanted to go and decided there was no reason not to go, and went. What a great time we had. MOPS is still the powerful ministry I remembered! 

The two speakers who gave their testimonies were Asher Collie, founder of Soul Hope and local speaker and Mom, Kate Sheldon. 
Watch these informative videos for Soul Hope to get an understanding of the ministry and what you can do. Save a life, host a shoe party! The MOPS mothers and you and yours can cut out the pieces for the shoes that the native Ugandans sew together so their children can have victory over jiggers who dig into and under the skin of shoeless children!

Asher Collie, Founder of Soul Hope

Asher's jigger shoes, I loved the laces!

Shoes made from denim cut by the MOPS mod, heels are reinforced with plastic milk cartons. So cute!

Smaller sized shoes, I think my grandkids would love these, too!

Bike tire soles!

Kate Sheldon, local speaker and co-speaker at the tea, is a bright light in the Vail Valley. I loved the outfit, short short skirt, leggings, vintage sweater and large cross necklace! Too cute.

The beautiful, enormous hats below are made out of large, brown paper grocery bags. Aren't they beautiful?

These centerpieces would make any Pinterest Mom proud!

Delicious food, a variety of pasta salads, tea sandwiches, egg salad and cucumber, sweet treats and good conversation. Divine! 

Thank you Vail Valley Mops for a memorable day with my daughter and grandson!

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