Sunday, May 15, 2016

Five Places You've Never Thought to Shop for Great Fashion Finds!

1. Army Surplus Store

Following the First and Second World Wars military clothing and equipment were sold in Army Surplus stores. Now days, as in the past, an army surplus store sells military surplus--general equipment that was intended for the military but wasn't used or was purchased in excess by the military. Items sold in Army Surplus stores are typically discounted for fast sell. In addition, these stores often sell camping equipment or military clothing (especially jackets and helmets) but on a recent shopping trip to her local Army Surplus the Wardrobe Mistress found the Army Surplus store was setting summer fashion on fire!  The Wardrobe Mistress found a couple of amazing outfits there for a song!

Anna Bugatti Skirt regularly $59.00 was a steal for $10.00, 
layered lace Lorada T-top  on sale for $7.99!
Both items purchased at the local Army Surplus Store!

Same $7.99 top worn with distressed Way Jean Wear $20.00 (Army Surplus)

Rear View showing decorated rear pockets. If you have no butt, did you you know wearing a jean pant with decorated pockets, is the way to go?

Second pair of $20.00 jeans purchased at the Army Surplus Store, these are Paris Fashion Jeans.

2. Rite-Aid

Can the Wardrobe Mistress and you find a trendy summer outfit in your local Rite Aid 
(the 3rd largest retail drugstore chain in the country)? 
Yes, she can!

Sun Dress, $10.00 Regular Price, Not on Sale!
Travel ready, wrinkle free!

Shown here with a lavender Cabi denim jacket, purchased at a thrift store and a repurposed Victoria Secret make-up bag as a purse, nude flats and misc. jewelry.
Also, check out their shoes! Knock off Tom's are often deeply discounted to $2.75.

3. Mexican Market: Mercado!

Mercado is Spanish for Market. The Mercado located in an urban American setting has many of the same qualities a tourist can find in a Mexican market in Mexico. Ours is a large store  divided up into smaller stores inside, similar to stalls, with just a hint of disorganization. There's a vitamin and health food area, women's clothing area, western store with western wear and cowboy gear, household items, toys, etc. similar to Family Dollar or Dollar Tree. The prices are excellent.

The Mercado offers an infinite supply of great fashion finds. Our favorites: wild leggings (3 for $10.00), crochet headbands ($2.99), short, short glitter skirts ($10.00), and the ultimate infinity scarves ($2.99). The possibilities are endless as new and different merchandise arrives daily!

The leggings are wild, wild, and the material is unbelievably comfortable and wears and washes well!

For our friends in the UK......

The short glittery-glitzy skirts found at the Mercado are shown here with plain black leggings and casual top can take a women from the the ski slopes to apres-ski in five!

The crochet hair bands at the Mercado are often prettier than the pricier ones!
Don't you agree?

The infinity scarves there are the perfect width, length and weight. The more expensive infinity scarves are often to heavy to wear easily in a number of ways. These scarves can be worn in a million different ways and are perfect for traveling. I wore this scarf while traveling in Israel.  It was so hot and many places required that shoulders were covered. I could just adjust it and make it into a "shawl". Once when we had the unexpected opportunity to ride a camel I was wearing a short black dress, this infinity scarf quickly became a mid-length skirt. 

The ankle socks at the Mercado come in many designs and with complimentary color combination, are very comfortable and are only a dollar a pair!

The Mercado also has a myriad of shape-wear for women but I haven't been brave enough to try on the skin tight, push-up, figure flattering attire.

And that's not all, they have long, long tanks that cover your bum plus kid's clothes!!!
Can you tell, I always want to go to the Mercado!

4. Kroger /Your Local Grocery Store

Barney Kroger invested his life savings--$372, In 1883, to open a grocery store in downtown Cincinnati. Barney Kroger ran his business with a simple motto: “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.” He also wanted to provide his customers with "one-stop" shopping. Kroger is still managing to achieve both goals. 

These No nonsense denim leggings run around $15.00 are go on sale periodically for $12.00. They provide a perfect fit and comfort, too! They do not bind, are not thin or see through--
a perfect legging that looks like jeans!

The Wardrobe Mistress takes her que right off the No nonsense packaging and you can, too! 

Imitation, they say is the best sincerest form of flattery and so it is!

High-end fashion, reasonably priced at your grocery store--one stop shopping!

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  1. Who knew? I guess I'll have to shop army surplus more often. Looking forward to what Rite Aid has to offer. ..