Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denver Fashion Finds at the Chihuly Exhibition: Denver Botanic Gardens

My friend texted, "Denver has arrived: Chihuly is at the Denver Botanic Gardens!"

Dale Chihuly revolutionized the craft of blown glass into a movement that elevated the studio glass medium to fine art. Chihuly's massive works are included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide and now is at the Denver Botanic Gardens through November 2014!

But what does one wear on a hot, hot July day to see world class art?

My friends and I went for the day and voted these four women, "Best Dressed" with one honorable mention--out of the 4,000 plus visitors that day!


A cowboy hat---the perfect accessory to wed Denver to Chihuly! 
Yes, mature women can wear short, flirty skirts. 
Love the gold sandals and bright, bold pink purse and pedicure: 
the complete package.

This fashionista is dressed to dance with Chihuly in his magical world, often inspired by the Orient.
Maxi dress accessorized with an "ornamental fringe", handmade macrame handbag and cooling conical Asian hat or "Chinese sombrero". 

Someone made this comment about Chihuly's work, "just about everything his team comes up with plays as jazzy fun in a public context." This outfit is controversial yet, successful like Chihuly, himself.
The public is split on Chihuly, too and I suspect you will over either like this outfit or hate it. But the five us gave it "thumbs up" for Chihuly attitude!

Maxi sundress, with brilliant Chihuly orange purse, necklace, pedicure and fabulous tan. Handbag is reminiscent of the small pieces of Chihuly's work displayed and offered for sale in the Denver Botanic Gardens Gift Shop.  

Honorable Mention
A pretty hat, is great art; an invitation to play and imagine.

What did you where to the Chihuly Art Exhibition?
Cast your vote!

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  1. Good job, Amigas!! The photos of examples of the Chihuly exhibition, as well as photos of "fashionistas" on that very hot day, were great! My advice: Run, don't walk, to the Chihuly exhibition! It is absolutely breathtaking...