Saturday, November 22, 2014

Long Flight, Unpredictable Weather, Different Continents, Perfect Clothes Equals Great Trip!

What to wear on a 4 hour flight to Philly plus a 13 hour flight to Tel Aviv? Starting out in Colorado the weather was frigid, bone-chilling cold and drizzle, arriving in Israel it was in the low 90's and rather humid compared to arid Colorado, my choices proofed travel worthy! I managed to do two weeks with a carry-on, no checked luggage! In my carry-on I tucked a folded, cloth zippered bag to use as my carry-on home and checked my hard carry on case with the souvenirs. Yes, you can successfully bring home wine and beer, but that's another blog post!

Planes are unpredictable, drafty and even cold. I want clothes to be warm, soft, cozy and comfortable, almost pajama like, yet layered so they be quickly adjusted to momentary conditions.

Starting out:

 Akira Chicago Red Label poncho with hood (Thrift Store purchase)
Long Nally & Millie knit top (By the Pound Goodwill ) 
Lacy Tank (Costco), 
Insulated winter leggings, (REI )
Chunky Jewelry  
Comfortable Puma Sport Lifestyle shoes (Thrift Store purchase)

Not shown, I carried a large gold imitation Prada bag (Thrift store purchase) in which I put a fanny pack, warm socks, for cold feet inflight, white knit comfortable shirt and polka dotted blue scarf, and as many other items I thought I couldn't live without on the flight that would fit, i.e. antiseptic wipes, Tylenol PM, lap-top, etc.

Arriving and going head-to-head with the heat I found a restroom and took off my poncho and long knit  top and exchanged them for the white button up shirt over by lacy tank.

Fabulous trip, save money on clothes, go farther for longer, pack light and the best advice I heard on the trip as I "ran" where Jesus "walked": "Sunny, you can sleep when you are dead!"

BTW: The only change I would make were my leggings. They were a little too hot on arrival and I would have been just fine without "insulated" leggings and could have worn regular leggings on the trip but the insulated ones were worn only once on the plane.

What is your "Best Choice" for a travel wardrobe? 

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