Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Celebrate Memorial Day in a Meaningful Way! Table for Four

Directions below for "The Table for Four":  A great way to honor those who serve our country on Memorial Day with family and friends.

We had our four-old grandson help with the presentation of the, "Table for Four".

What you need:
A small table, set for four. Cover the table with a white table cloth. In the center of the table place a single red rose with a red ribbon tied prominently around the neck of the vase. Four pictures of an individual in uniform on from each of the armed forces, Army, Marines, Navy and the Air Force. Pictures of family members who have served are the best placed at each place setting. On each plate place a slice of lemon. Sprinkled each plate with slate. Invert the glass set at each place setting and turn the chairs up to the table.  Place a Bible on the table.


Table for Four  

This small table is a table of remembrance. It is set for four.

It represents the four services in time of war:

The Army, the Marines, the Navy and the Air Force.

This table symbolizes that members of our military are gone from our midst.

We call them brothers, fathers, uncles, and friends.

They are unable to be with us so, we remember them each day.

The Table Cloth is White--symbolizing the purity of their intentions to respond to their country's
call to arms...


The Single Rose-displayed in the vase reminds us of the families and friends of their lost
loved ones...

The Red Ribbon-tied prominently on the vase reminds us of the blood that was shed for our

A slice of Lemon-reminds us of their bitter fate...

Salt Sprinkled-on the plates reminds us of the countless fallen tears of their families...

The Glasses are inverted-they cannot toast with us...

The Chairs are Empty-they are not here...

The Bible-represents the strength to sustain the families of those gone from us, from our
founded as one nation under God...

Let us pray for those still serving our country so that we might be free.

We put a slice of lemon on each plate, sprinkled salt on each plate, turned the glasses over and turned the chairs up to the table.

I did not write this and could not find a source for it. If anyone knows who did please leave a comment and share the author's name with others.

Please share with me other meaningful ways that you've celebrated Memorial Day with your family...........

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