Wednesday, May 29, 2013

D-O-G Apologetics or Everything I Know About God, I Learned from My Dog

I am the proud owner of a certified working scent dog and I am a certified handler. 

I confess, my hard working dog, “Dusty Boot” is a bed bug sniffing Boarder Collie mix. Bed bugs are difficult to find. If a business card can slip in an opening so can a bed bug. The bed bugs wedge in, hunker down making a harborage for themselves. 

The faint sweet sticky strawberry smell of the bed bug is no match for Dusty Boot’s keen nose which is over 1,000 times more sensitive than mine! When Dusty Boot alerts, I know there are bed bugs. Whether or not, I can see them or find myself. Dusty Boot interprets reality for me during an inspection. My reason is suspended. 

I have unreserved faith in a dog and his revelations.

This realization revolutionizes my world view.  

What if........what if I looked beyond the boundaries of this physical world--beyond nature, itself, would I find the Creator of the universe--a Holy God?

My Christian friends start with a self-contained Holy God, Creator of the universe, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as set forth in the Bible. Yet, they are considered backward in their thinking and less than objective. 

Wait a minute, aren’t I assuming more, by demanding God look at the world and everything in it from my viewpoint, follow my double minded laws of logic? I don’t require Dusty Boot to inspect for bed bugs from my point of view, if I did , I wouldn’t need a dog. Aren’t I judging God with creature capabilities inferior to that of a dog’s? I need a scent dog to find bed bugs maybe I need God, and the Bible to interpret reality for me, daily.

I judge God with the creature capabilities the ones He created and gave me, ones not equal to another creature’s much less comparable to the God of the universe?

What if God created heaven and earth and everything in it
and me, in the Imago Dei (Image of God)?

I would not exist in an impersonal mechanical world of chance. Time, history and meaning would come from a personal purposeful God. Consequently, life’s purpose and my best life would flow from God’s design for man........for me. Wow!  

If I exercise faith daily in a relationship with my dog, a created being whose senses I admit are superior to mine why couldn’t I rely on and trust God, and the Creator’s revelations to interpret and impart meaning for me?

What if God, and God alone is the starting point and source for intelligent thought? 

The Bible’s claims to be the Word of God, the truth with a capital “T”. What if it is? 

If it is, I would not be in Cesar Milian’s terminology spend my time striving to be the “pack leader” but rather:

1.  Delight in and celebrate the fact that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”. I am made in the image of God: an all-sufficient, self-contained intelligent, powerful, loving and just God.

2.  Seek to know God intimately by embracing the Creator’s and redeemer’s interpretation and purpose for my life and all creation.

3.  Recognize that I am accountable to God. I am not entitled but will bow in His presence at the end of my life 

4.  Exercise my God given authority to take dominion, by being a good steward of His creation. In my world, that’s dog and bed bug.

Say your prayers, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Comments? Questions about bed bugs?

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