Saturday, August 20, 2016

iTot Pre-School: Skyping with Multiple Grandchildren (Near & Far)

I have three children and five grandchildren. I never thought my oldest son and my youngest daughter, eleven years apart would have children the same age or even in the same era. Someone said, and I often repeat, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.". As it happens they have each have a little boy and they are five days apart in age. Our lives have never been the same!

On my 60th birthday party. My youngest daughter announced that they were expecting their first child after several years of marriage. I had foreknowledge of this impending announcement. Just after everyone finished congratulating the happy couple, my son stood up and said, "Well, Sarah and I have been married for 13 years and we want to announce that we are having a baby!" I couldn't believe my ears! My daughter-in-law had sworn off having any more children. Consequently, I  couldn't believe my ears. Their other children, Sam (8) and Emery (5) were in a state of shock! But yes, as my third baby had been a happy accident for me so my son and daughter-in-law were experiencing an unexpected full quiver, too! 

It was delightful to go travel these two pregnancies, simultaneously. A first child path with my youngest daughter and the carefree journey of a third baby with my son and daughter-in-law. 

I have watched Sam and Emery on Wednesday for most of their lives. Now, I watch Bowen, my son and daughter-in-law's, 3rd born. My youngest daughter, Jesslyn, lives 2.5 hours away. We Skype on Wednesdays. We started a "Skype" Preschool. Emery named our preschool: the "iTot Preschool". The first year we made a craft every week which corresponded to a letter in the alphabet. We didn't go in the correct alphabet order because at two, do you really need to?  We switched up to correspond with the seasons and holidays, Christmas, Halloween, etc. The children, both boys, born five days apart bonded with each other weekly as we Skyped. They looked forward to it weekly and recognize the Skyping noise and run towards the computer when it's time to Skype. Now they are three and we are doing science experiments that correspond with the alphabet. They also enjoy reading books. I read one and then my daughter reads one. 

When we are together the itot Preschool goes on field trips. We've gone swimming, to the Denver Museum and to the Zoo. It has been sooo fun to bond with both boys and have them bond with each other. 

The older children are always interested in our projects and experiments. Sometimes we even have one they enjoy doing after school. For example, the "E" Elephant Toothpaste! Follow the link below:

This was by far and away our best science experiment, yet!

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