Monday, August 15, 2016

Grandma and Grand-Daughter Jewelry

My Grand-daughter was gone for most of the summer. She missed me! She brought me home a precious gift wrapped in an scraps of colored tissue paper and tucked into one of her little brother's infant socks; tightly knotted at the top. I couldn't tell what it was when she handed to me but her body language told me that it was incredibly meaningful; deliberate gestures. Grandchildren give you great relational clues if you watch their expressions and gestures, carefully. They want you to succeed.

Inside was a heart shaped rock broken into two pieces. I had given her a friendship necklace to her as a birthday for her to enjoy and share with her best friend at school. She loved it!

She was giving back to me! At this stage of life, I recognize this as harvesting. Harvesting the seeds I have planted over the span of my life, in my son's life and now my granddaughter's. I thank God that I have lived long enough to have the privilege of reaping. It's so much fun!

The coded writing, written in her hand means: "Emery loves You" and "Grandma Loves You".
I took the two pieces to a crafter who was able to wire the pieces into two pendants and then I added two silver chains.

The best gift ever!

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